Victron INfo for Caravan Installers

Our Values

We strive to embody

Clean Energy

We love solar energy because it is cost-effective, easy to deploy, and clean. However, we also love it because it is predictable and reliable (when designed properly) in a way that no other energy source is. Sunshine isn't affected by the economy or politics or oil prices or infrastructure*.

* Well, off-grid solar isn't!

After Sales Service

Our aftersales support is second to none. We pride ourselves on being helpful and engaged throughout every part of the sales journey, including afterwards!

Engineering Superiority

We love things that are well-designed. By well-designed, we mean it should make your day easier. It should be the tool you don't even think about, because it is always reliable and effective. It allows you to focus on new challenges of the day, unbothered by unresolved issues from yesterday.