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Solar Trailers for DNV’s Wind Prospecting



Solar Trailers for DNV’s Wind Prospecting

Completion Date: 17/08/2023

Arizon has developed a series of innovative solar trailers tailored specifically for DNV’s operational needs. These solar trailers serve as indispensable power sources for lidar devices crucial for weather monitoring, a cornerstone of DNV’s wind prospecting endeavors.

Each solar trailer boasts a robust 1.4kW solar array comprising three high-efficiency solar panels. To enhance portability and safety during transit, these panels fold down, streamlining transportation logistics. Upon deployment, the panels automatically adjust to the optimal angle, ensuring maximum solar energy absorption.

Furthermore, the trailers feature expansive storage compartments designed to accommodate a protective fence encircling the trailer and lidar device during operation, safeguarding them from external elements and potential hazards.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, including a lithium battery bank and state-of-the-art Victron solar charger and monitoring system, these trailers offer unparalleled reliability and efficiency in off-grid power generation.

In essence, Arizon’s solar trailers represent a pivotal advancement in sustainable energy solutions, empowering DNV to conduct comprehensive weather monitoring crucial for informed wind prospecting decisions.