Universal Communications Trailer – Rio Tinto Spec

Universal Communications Trailer – Pilbara Specifications


Experience the Universal Communications Trailer, tailored for the demanding conditions of the Pilbara. This advanced solution ensures 24×7 operations, high availability, and seamless integration with Rio Tinto Iron Ore standards. Dive into the detailed specifications below to understand its robust features.

Structural and Mechanical Features:

  • Support: Robust mechanical support for the power subsystem.
  • Vehicle Integration: Smooth mechanical and electrical connections with towing vehicles.
  • Mechanical Stability: Ensured within the communications enclosure and mast for equipment.
  • Autonomy: Operates independently once deployed.
  • Payload: Subject to change. For updates, contact a Rio Tinto Iron Ore Specialist.
  • Deployment: Easy deployment and relocation with standard Rio Tinto vehicles.

Electrical Features:

  • Power Interfaces: Equipped with circuit breakers and powers components like position indicating light.
  • Power/Data Integration: Gigabit Ethernet: CAT6 STP within the communications enclosure.
  • Grounding: Strategic earthing studs on the trailer and within the communications enclosure.
  • Monitoring: Efficient Gigabit Ethernet interface for SC300 and Solar Regulator.


  • Communications: Lockable IP66 rated cabinet for mounting internal equipment.
  • Power: Lockable IP66 rated cabinet housing power control and monitoring equipment.
  • Protection & Power Junction: Lockable IP66 rated enclosures.

Safety & Compliance:

  • ADR Compliance: Meets the Australian Design Rule.
  • Wind Resistance: Withstands up to 85km/h when deployed and 120km/h when stowed.

Supplier Responsibilities:
The supplier ensures design, supply, testing, installation, and commissioning while adhering to all specifications. A 12-month warranty is provided on all equipment.

Materials & Equipment:
All materials are brand new and defect-free. Only preapproved equipment by Rio Tinto Iron Ore is used.

Functional & Performance:
Designed for 24×7 operations, except during extreme conditions. Aims for high availability with minimal unscheduled downtime.

Equipment List:

Description Manufacturer Make / Model
Tyres 265/75R16 Bridgestone (or equivalent) Off road
Track 2 5 stud 16” × 7” in white ROH N/A
SB6/200A, 6V 200Ah solar block battery Sonnenschein NGSB060200HS0CA
Electric vehicle rated deep cycle absorbent glass mat 6V 225AH Battery Ritar RA6-225S
TriStar MPPT60 solar controller Morningstar TS-MPPT-60
DC power system controller Eaton SC200/SC300
IC60H series circuit breakers Schneider Electric Various
Acti 9 – auxiliary contact iOF – 1 C/O – AC/DC Schneider A9A26924
Mast move buzzer – 97dB “beep beep” sound reverse alarm 12–80V Qvee #QVRA688
Circuit breaker 20A DB Schneider A9F44120
Circuit breaker SP 32A Schneider A9F44132
Isolator IMO Precision Controls SI25-PEL64R-4S
100A 50mV current shunt MuRata Power Solutions RSC810-3273
48/12 DC-DC converter Meanwell SD-500L-12
121090 IOB-GP Eaton 121090
3G voltage feed module Eaton VFN-00
LVD kit, 1 × 200A for APS3-3XX with X8 and X9 cables Eaton LVDN200-00
8m linear actuated articulated mast MTGA MM-08035-LA
Linear actuator LINAK LA36
Xenon flashing beacon, clear, 12–24V, with IP67 cable connector Klaxon KLA45-713131
Solar panel (current version) SunPower E20-435W
Solar panel (alternate version) SunPower SPR-MAX3-400
225mm solid rubber tyre jockey wheel AL-KO A0808
TCA 2-wire clamp w/earth Transient Controls Australia TC 75-60-2WE
Bullseye level Empire 5660623
Pull handle, hollow Prestige 9310086920613
Jack leg Manutec ASSW-MLH
Jack leg Manutec AS-LDSB1
Electrical box 300×300 B&R enclosures NI03031
Electrical box 600×600 B&R enclosures NI06063
Electrical box 800×600 B&R enclosures IP21292
520×740 backing panel for 800×600 box B&R enclosures IPMP2129

Wiring Diagrams

Wiring Diagrams




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