Feature Micro Micro Touch Micro Touch Plus Explorer Plus Off-Grid Off-Grid Multi 2000 Off-Grid Multi 3000 Off-Grid 48V Off-Grid 48V Multi 5000
MPPT 100/30 100/30x2 150/35
DC/DC Charger 12/12/-30 1.4KW
Battery Monitor BMW-712 SmartShunt -
AC Charger - Multiplus 2000VA Multiplus-|| 3000VA - Multiplus-|| 48V 5000VA
Monitoring - GX Touch 50 GX Touch 70
Low Voltage Protection 65A
Inverter - Optional - 2000VA/3000VA Inverter/Charger - 2000VA Inverter/Charger 3000VA Inverter/Charger - 5000VA Inverter/Charger
DC Fuse Boxes 6 Blade 6 & 12 Blade
Dimensions (mm) 600x330x100 755x330x100 1100x350x100 530x685x100 530x1300x160 530x685x115 530x1300x165
Weight (kg) 8.1 9.3 8.0 12.1 11.7 31.2 34.7 20.2 51.2

1. Micro: The Micron is our compact solution for systems that don't require an inverter. It's equipped with a 30A mains charger and uses a BMV712 for monitoring, offering both physical and Bluetooth display capabilities. This design ensures affordability without compromising on essential features. Perfect for those who want a cost-effective yet efficient board. More details

2. Micro Touch: Micro Touch: Building on the foundation of the Micro, the Micro Touch offers enhanced features with the inclusion of a SmartShunt, Cerbo GX, and GX Touch screen, replacing the BMV-712.This addition slightly increases the board’s width but offers a more interactive user experience. More details

3. Micro Touch Plus: : The Micro Touch Plus is an advanced version designed specifically for pairing with an Inverter/Charger. As the inverter/charger provides the charging capability, there's no need for a 30A mains charger, making it a streamlined choice for those with specific needs. More details

4. Explorer Plus: The Explorer Plus in a full-featured board with a long and thing format. It boasts the same features as the Essential but with a mounted Cerbo for those who prefer an integrated setup. More details

5. Off-Grid: The Off-Grid board is a versatile choice for those considering future upgrades. Similar to the Explorer Plus, it offers extra spaces for an additional MPPT and a DC/DC charger. Its square-ish design is optimized to fit behind a fridge, making it a space-saver. More details

6. Off-Grid 3000: Building on the Off-Grid's foundation, the Off-Grid 3000 comes equipped with a powerful 3000VA Inverter/Charger, ensuring robust power delivery for all your off-grid needs. More details

7. Off-Grid 2000: The Off-Grid 2000 offers a balance power and efficiency. While it shares similarities with the Off-Grid. it features a 2000VA Inverter/Charger, making it a versatile choice for various off-grid applications. More details

8. Off-Grid 48V: For those requiring high-power inverters, the Off-Grid 48V is the go-to-choice. It supports 5000VA inverters and maintains the behind-the-fridge format for space efficiency. More details

9. Off-Grid Multi 48V: The Off-Grid Multi 48V takes the features of the Off-Grid 48V and adds and inverter/charger directly mounted on the board. It's the ultimate solution for those seeking high power and convenience in one package. More details