Powering the Mining Industry: Arizon delivers robust, resilient, and efficient solar power solutions designed to meet the unique demands of the mining industry. Our solar systems, including trailers and skids, provide a reliable and sustainable power source, even in the most challenging environments, ensuring uninterrupted operations for your mining activities.

High-capacity, Durable Solutions: Our power solutions come with high-capacity batteries and powerful solar panels that are designed to withstand the rigors of mining operations. We understand the critical nature of power reliability in mining, and our solutions are crafted to deliver just that.

Versatile Mast Options: With the capability to accommodate masts ranging from 5m to 20m, Arizon’s solar trailers and skids offer an unmatched degree of versatility, enabling optimum coverage and accessibility, vital for communications and other peripheral operations in mining.

Real-Time Monitoring and Support: Arizon’s power systems are equipped with remote monitoring capabilities via the Victron VRM portal, enabling you to track system performance, battery health, and potential issues from any location. Coupled with our dedicated online and phone support, we ensure your mining operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Warranty and Service: We stand behind our products with a comprehensive five-year warranty on our solar trailers and skids. At Arizon, we’re not just providing a product, but a partnership for the long haul, committed to supporting the energy needs of the mining industry.

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