Leisure Vehicles


Leisure Vehicles

Empowering the Leisure Vehicle Market: Arizon offers premium power solutions to meet the diverse needs of the leisure vehicle market. Our product range, centered on Victron’s superior technology, is engineered to deliver reliable and sustainable power on the go, enhancing your travel experiences.

Pre-Wired Solutions: Our pre-wired power boards, incorporating Victron components, are meticulously crafted to deliver efficient energy output with minimized installation hassles. They are plug-and-play systems designed for easy integration with your leisure vehicles, saving you time and effort.

48V Systems: We specialize in 48V systems, providing greater efficiency and performance, perfect for the high energy needs of modern leisure vehicles. The high voltage ensures less current is required, resulting in less energy loss and increased efficiency.

Lithium Batteries: At the core of our offering are our high-performance lithium batteries. Designed specifically for the demands of the RV industry, these batteries provide high energy storage, long life, and excellent durability, ensuring uninterrupted power for your leisure vehicle.

Solar Panels: Our high-quality solar panels, engineered specifically for the RV industry, ensure a consistent, renewable power supply, even when you’re off-grid. Built to withstand harsh conditions, these panels provide you with an independent, reliable power source, wherever your journey may take you.

Long-term Partnership: With Arizon, you are investing in more than just a product. Our comprehensive warranties, dedicated support, and commitment to quality make us your reliable energy partner in your travel journey, ensuring peace of mind and endless adventures.


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