Energy Storage Systems for Hybrid Generators


Energy Storage Systems for Hybrid Generators

On Demand Clean Energy

Arizon’s range of clean energy storage systems are specially designed for the industrial worksite. These modular storage systems allow operators to make significant reductions in their CO2 and noise emissions while increasing operating time and efficiency. Generator fuel consumption and maintenance costs are drastically reduced. Utilising high energy density, non-dangerous Lithium Ferro-Phosphate batteries and a state-of-the-art Inverter Charger from Victron Energy, these units are perfect for construction sites, telecommunications, rentals and metropolitan sites with noise restrictions.

Hybrid Applications

When used in a Hybrid application, Arizon Energy Storage Systems can be coupled with any diesel generator to load-shift energy consumption. The generator will run at maximum efficiency when used, and the battery system will provide power when the load is low. This eliminates bore glazing issues produced by running generators below 75% of capacity and maximizes your fuel efficiency.

The Benefits of a Hybrid System

  • Lower Fuel Costs: Hybrid systems only consume fuel when the generator is required, resulting in lower fuel costs.
  • Less Generator Maintenance: Hybrid systems use battery power when running below 75% of the generator capacity which minimises bore glazing and maintenance costs.
  • Lower Carbon Emissions: Consuming less fuel reduces your carbon footprint and results in cleaner air on your worksite
  • Less Noise Pollution: Hybrid systems are quieter, making them safer and more suitable for noise regulations.
  • Uninterrupted Long-Term Power Supply: Long-term and constant flow of electricity regardless of the power required by the load.

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