Arizon 48V Off-Grid  Vehicle Systems

What is a 48V System?

The Arizon 48V System is a revolutionary power solution designed specifically for caravans and RVs. This innovative system replaces traditional 12V
or 24V setups, offering you unparalleled efficiency and performance.
By operating at a higher voltage, the 48V System significantly reduces DC currents, allowing for increased energy transfer and minimizing power losses.
Comprising of Victron, Arizon, and Instapower components, Ariozon's 48V System guarantees seamless integration and exceptional reliability, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your adventures on the road.

Why Choose Us?

Local Support and Locally Sourced, High Quality Components

Arizon, based in Thomastown, Melbourne, is conveniently located near the heart of the caravan manufacturing industry. Our dedication to innovation and excellence in the caravan and RV market is unmatched. With our unique 48V
System, we provide a cutting-edge solution tailored to your needs, backed by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The Benefits

Increased Efficiency:

The Ariozon 48V System's reduced DC currents ensure a higher energy efficiency compared to conventional power systems, resulting in a longer-lasting and more sustainable energy source.

Superior Components:

Our system features Victron Multiplus, monitoring, and MPPT chargers; Dyness 48V Lithium batteries; custom 48V 200W solar panels from Instapower; and a unique 12/48V DC/DC Charger made by Arizon, providing you with a reliable, high-performance power solution.

Easy Installation and Integration:

The Ariozon 48V System is designed for seamless integration with your existing caravan or RV setup, making installation a breeze.

Reduced Weight and Space:

By utilizing a 48V configuration, our system requires fewer cables and components, reducing the overall weight and space  requirements in your caravan or RV.


Investing in Ariozon's 48V System means you are adopting the latest technology in the caravan and RV market, ensuring your power system remains cuttingedge and relevant for years to come

Our Values

We strive to embody

Clean Energy

We love solar energy because it is cost-effective, easy to deploy, and clean. However, we also love it because it is predictable and reliable (when designed properly) in a way that no other energy source is. Sunshine isn't affected by the economy or politics or oil prices or infrastructure*.

* Well, off-grid solar isn't!

After Sales Service

Our aftersales support is second to none. We pride ourselves on being helpful and engaged throughout every part of the sales journey, including afterwards!

Engineering Superiority

We love things that are well-designed. By well-designed, we mean it should make your day easier. It should be the tool you don't even think about, because it is always reliable and effective. It allows you to focus on new challenges of the day, unbothered by unresolved issues from yesterday.