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At Arizon we make off grid solar energy more accessible whilst helping to create a cleaner future.

Custom Off-Grid Power Solutions

Turn key remote power solution provider, from design to commission.


Wholesale Off-Grid Solar Supplies

Industrial Quality Solar Supplies including Solar Panels, Inverter/Chargers, MPPT Regulatos, Pole Mount Systems, Ground Mount Systems, Telemetry...


Step 1

Consultation and Design

Load profile will be carefully assessed and preferably tested. Meteorological data and historal charging data from a comparable setup will be used to assist in the design of solar array and battery size. Customer's requirement on mechanical design, transportation, installation and maintenance will be established.

Step 2

Procure, Manufacture and Test

Arizon will manage the process of procuring high quality components from trusted supply partners. Systems will be wired and assembled at our Bayswater facility by highly skilled technicians. Production manual will be used to ensure consistency in the work delivered.

Step 3

Delivery, Installation and Continuous Support

Arizon are experts in commercial solar grid systems, and can deliver and take care of installing your solar and battery solutions if required. We take pride in what we build and we are here to provide lifetime support, information, and guidance for our products.

Our Solutions

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    Solar Trailer

    Our solar trailers are the perfect solution to run mission-critical applications in locations where electricity is not readily available, with which you can always find the best balance between supplying your devices and get access to enough solar power.

    These remote power systems are fitted with batteries, panels, charge controllers and other electrical components. Each trailer is custom engineered to the clients requirements to ensure a system is built that runs perfectly for the intended application.

    The ability to transport these trailers provides a great alternative to fixed power systems, offering the chance to move from project to project. Once onsite the tow assembly can be dismantled to provide a stand alone unit .

    Solar skid

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    Hybrid Generator

    Have you realised that a huge amount of on-site power produced via generators is wasted continuously? Are you looking for a solution that can get the most out of every bucket of petrol? With our hybrid generators, the excessive power can be stored in the batteries so as to dramatically reduce the operating costs of the generators. Whenever the batteries have sufficient energy, they will play a main role in power supply.

    Low cost and less exhaust.

    Plug and play energy setup

    At Ariozn we have a goal of making going off-grid easier. Our plug and play power boards were created with that in mind.

    Our engineered pre-wired power boards are tried and tested. They are a great plug-and-play solution for vehicles, caravans RVs and anything in-between. Our boards will help to save your business time and money. They are ready to be installed with minimal wiring to be done.

    We use high quality Victron components. Victron offer an impressive all-round moular system that includes systems monitoring and Bluetooth connectivity.

    High-quality component wholesale

    We wholesale a number of solar products including solar panels, lithium batteries, circuit breakers, and Victron Energy products.

    Arzion stock a number of small to medium size panels. We have an extensive range of solar panels in unique sizing, our panels are some of the most efficient on the market. Our panels range from 5 watts to 250 watts in varying dimensions meaning with have an

    HIGHLIGHTED Projects

    Take a look at some of our work

    Arizon's solar trailers for DNV integrate high-efficiency solar panels, advanced storage capabilities, and protective features to power lidar devices for weather monitoring essential in wind prospecting.
    Arizon's solar skids power AI fire watch stations for rapid bushfire response near national parks, featuring compact design, lithium batteries, Victron chargers, and monitoring.
    The 1.17kW Solar Trailer for Coronado features a 3.5kWh lithium battery, Victron MPPT, Cerbo monitor, 5m mast, and durable Line-X paint. A reliable power source on the go.
    4.6kW Solar Trailer provides renewable energy for Endangered Plains Wanderer breeding program
    Off-grid public lighting has never been more refined than with the launch of the Sunpole. This fully self-contained light pole is powered by the sun, with a Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery housed within the slim lines of the pole. With 6 days autonomy, it is able to provide all-night lighting for a minimum of 6 days without any sunshine…. and that’s about as sustainable as you can get..!
    Arizon Designed and Fabricated Solar Power Systems used in Fire Stations across Australia to Monitor and Detect Bush Fires...
    Advances in efficiencies and remote monitoring allow us to provide off-grid solar solutions for environmental monitoring devices that are lightweight, easy to install, provide on-demand, 24hour monitoring while offering the robust reliability required by these ‘mission-critical’ applications.


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      We Use The Highest Quality Solar Energy Hardware Available

      A great Solar Panel & Grid System starts with quality components and connections - whether you're designing an off-grid solar system or a simple Solar PV system for remote equipment.

      Unfortunately, there's a huge range of cheap, unreliable grid & electricity equipment out there that will compromise efficiency and reliability - defeating the purpose of using solar panels before you even start.

      That's why we stock Victron Energy's high-quality Solar Pure Sinewave Inverters, Solar Batteries, Battery Protectors, Chargers, and other Solar PV Equipment so that every Solar Panel system that we build in Melbourne has the reliability and efficiency that it's capable of.

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